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The Art and Power of Saying “NO” -Physician coaching clears the path for fulfillment and impact

It’s a common experience- someone asks us to do something and, while our heart and gut are screaming, “NO!” we hear the word “yes” come out of our mouth. Why and how does that happen? And, more importantly, how can … Continue reading

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What are you tolerating?

Most physicians are hard-working, driven people.  We wouldn’t have gotten where we are without that drive, ignoring opportunities that might have been more fun so we could gain knowledge and skills to care for our patients.  People are surprised when they … Continue reading

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What does NO make possible? – a physician coach examines options

NO The very sound of the word implies selfishness. Disapproval. Deprivation. Not many positive emotions or ideas seem to result from saying no. So, let’s change that, shall we? Many of us have difficulty saying no, even when we don’t want … Continue reading

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