What Clients Are Saying

“Thank you again for an outstanding engagement. From our first interaction through the actual event,​ you were outstanding. Your suggestions to tweak the program were spot on. You took each of us that you interacted with and made us feel comfortable and safe in working with you. Your teaching, and your guidance of the event were well done. I believe that each of the attendees left not only with new skills and confidence, but also with the feeling of being honored and heard. You are damn good at what you do.”

Lynn Welling, MD, FACEP
Former CMO, Sharp Chula Vista Hospital, San Diego, CA

“I began working with Helane after finishing residency, as I wanted to be prepared to start my job as a hospitalist.  I was mostly concerned about my medical skills – I never imagined that there were so many other skills that would prove crucial as I stepped into my new role.  Helane helped me to prepare for many different situations and to communicate effectively with colleagues, staff and family.  My wife says this is the best money I’ve ever spent.  I’m so glad I decided to contact Helane.”

Ben A MD, Internal Medicine, Lake Charles, LA 

“Medical school is tough. You have little to no autonomy, you are constantly being compared to others and told how you are not good enough, and the pursuit of helping people often gets lost in the brutal hours and perfectionist culture. I was at a low point halfway through my third year of medical school– my self-worth gone, my enjoyment practicing medicine extremely diminished.

It was at that point that I got in contact with Dr. Fronek. She helped me refocus on why I went into medicine in the first place, helped me create my own intrinsic metrics for success based on my values, and helped me develop individualized plans for fostering balance, resilience, and self-belief throughout medical training. She was always willing to provide a kind listening ear, encouragement, and a wealth of meaningful insights and perspectives. She really truly cared – my struggles became her struggles; my victories became her victories.

Since working with Dr. Fronek, my happiness, confidence, and enjoyment for learning medicine have increased exponentially. She has given me the foundation needed to stay true to myself and maintain balance during medical training. I would 100% recommend her to any student or resident battered by the demands of medical education!”

Anonymous medical student, Northwestern University School of Medicine

“Working with Helane has allowed me to successfully move forward at a crucial time in my life.  She made it possible for me to discern what was important and then decide how best to achieve my goals.

It is difficult to adequately express how grateful I am.  Helane is well trained, smart, experienced, thoughtful, supportive, and professional.  I highly recommend her services—without hesitation and without qualification.”                                                                            

Jeff B MD, Pathology, Pittsburgh, PA

“Working with Helane was a challenge, a treat and very educational. I was in a conundrum over my medical practice and agonizing over my continued choice to do clinical medicine. Through thought provoking questions, insightful observations and many appropriate, effective tools of which I was previously unaware, Helane became my guide and mentor. With Helane’s assistance I am developing new perspectives on myself, my work in medicine and my relationships and family. I feel calmer and clearer and am more easily able to move myself in a positive direction. Thanks, Helane.”                                                

Julie D, MD, Family Medicine, Park City, UT

“I have been working with Helane for about 6 months. I sought her out because I found myself heavy with the burden of my daily life despite being surrounded by the richness of having everything I aspired to and worked for: an amazing career and a wonderful family. Since working with Helane, I have identified my core values enabling me to realign my responsibilities in concert with those values. Daily tasks shifted from feeling heavy, to enriching. Life is once again joyful and the future is an adventure waiting to unfold.”

Joanna S. MD, OB-GYN, Los Gatos, CA

“Helane has been invaluable in guiding me through a number of difficult transitions in my life, both personal and professional. She has helped me identify what I value the most, prioritize goals in line with those values, and plan specific steps to achieve those goals. She provides guidance without being pushy and seems to have no agenda other than seeing me find fulfillment. I consistently come away from our conversations encouraged and motivated to take on the challenges I’m facing.”                                            

Suzanne J. MD, General Surgeon, Dexter, MI

“I sought Helane’s help during a time when I felt lost, frustrated and unable to focus on the next steps needed to move my practice in a forward direction.  With her help and guidance, I was able to bring in two new associates in a seamless manner.  During our time together, I always looked forward to our weekly meeting, not just to learn from her, but to share my thoughts and feelings with the friend.  She gave me confidence and kindness, while not losing sight of the task at hand.  Now I feel I can call on her not only for her coaching expertise in the medical management field but also as a friend.  She is a gem!”                                                                                                                                                   

CdF MD, San Diego, CA

“Sharing your life with Helane is sharing your life with someone who truly wants to help you make your life better. Helane’s unending curiosity and honest and earnest style have repeatedly inspired me to new discoveries of self-awareness and joy. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a way to get “unstuck” or seeking to get even more out of an already amazing life.”                                                                                              

Courtney S., Compliance and Ethics Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“When I’m feeling stuck, and want to get clear on what the real issues are, I talk with Helane. She knows just how to shine a light through the murk in my head.”  

Robyn S., Craniosacral Therapist, Lafayette CA

“Helane is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. She listens to people with her entire heart and soul. You know that it is safe to say ANYTHING to Helane and you won’t be judged. On the contrary you will be LOVED. She isn’t afraid to ask the real questions that nobody else is asking, which invites people to look deeper into themselves and come away from even the most casual conversation with a fresh perspective on life.”  

Sharon F., Actor, Voiceover Artist and Producer, Los Angeles, CA

“Helane is a powerful, courageous coach who brings enormous love to each session. Her quiet wisdom creates a place for deep exploration of what your heart desires, and what might be holding you back. Your time spent with her will lead to clarity, a connection with your truest self, and a sense of empowerment that will compel you toward the life you want.”

Liz W., Co-Active Life Coach, Fine Artist, Banff, Alberta Canada