Great Story Coaching

We live our lives by the stories we tell.  We walk in the door after returning from work and exclaim, “You won’t believe what happened to me today!”  Or we have an experience and realize that it reminds us of another time when… and we drift off into the story of what happened in the past.  We use our patients’ stories to understand the impact of their conditions.  We share our own stories with them for the purposes of education, inspiration, or comfort.  With everyone we know, we use stories to connect and to be known.

It’s often said that we humans are “meaning making machines. ” With any experience, we immediately construct a story about it to make sense of what just happened.  These stories eventually lead to beliefs that often begin to run our lives.  The problem is we are frequently unaware that these beliefs exist. They continue to influence our decisions much like the operating system of our computer runs our computer.  We don’t know they’re there or how they operate, and don’t appreciate the impact they’re having.

If we were abused, neglected, or suffered significant disappointment in our early lives, we might have interpreted those experiences to mean that the world is inherently dangerous, that we weren’t worth caring about, or that we can’t trust other people. This belief will then influence our future decisions, possibly making it more difficult to take appropriate risks in our career, to advocate for ourself, or to maintain healthy relationships.  Even if we had a less troublesome childhood, each of us has had experiences that resulted in interpretations that continue to affect how we think, what we do, and how we hold ourselves back.

Great Story Coaching is a brilliant, illuminating and highly effective process for uncovering your own limiting beliefs, based on the stories you tell.  You will come to understand your stories as the guideposts they are to what you most need in life, and you will find compassion and love for yourself that may have eluded you up to now.  The end result is that you will gain the confidence in yourself and the tools to truly become the author of your life,  realigning it to reflect your deepest values and experiencing the joy of using your personal strengths and gifts in the world.

One participant in a Great Story group coaching program said this about her experience:

I signed up for the Great Story Coaching Program because I was feeling aimless in my career.  I felt like I was “going through the motions” without having a focus or a goal, which was a new unsettling feeling since I have been an achiever my whole life.  I was feeling disappointed in myself and like there was a loss of control of my life.  I really wanted to figure out what my next goal would be because I thought that would help me get back in control.
What I received from this program was priceless and way more important than which goal to pursue next.  I set down the belief that I needed to do what was expected of me and I stepped into the driver’s seat of my life, future, and career.   I learned to be comfortable in my own skin, to trust myself to make decisions and believe in the importance of the natural strengths I bring to my work and my family.  I relaxed into the comfort of knowing that the women in the program with me had similar experiences and feelings.  I cheered them on during the program and in turn realized that I should also cheer myself on!  
This program has changed my life in ways I didn’t know needed attention. I have gained confidence and made choices that I was afraid to make before.  I am so thankful that I decided to take a chance on this program with Helane.  Her compassion is overflowing and her masterful skill of communicating and guidance was key to the whole process.  
Stephanie H, Radiology
I offer Great Story Coaching to individuals throughout the year and as a group program for women physicians, beginning in the fall.  If you would like to discuss whether Great Story Coaching might be the answer to your current dissatisfaction with your career or your life, email me at  and let’s set up a call!