Communication Coaching

Effective communication is a vital aspect of medical practice. Yet until recently, it wasn’t part of medical training. We learned how to examine our patients, formulate a differential diagnosis, decide which tests to order and interpret those tests. But no one taught us how to effectively ask the questions that would get to the real truth about what our patients were suffering from. And although we spend a large part of our time explaining things to patients, they frequently misunderstand us or don’t remember what we said. Again, no one taught us how to organize and phrase our ideas so our patients would come away truly understanding what we wanted them to know. And did anyone teach you how to effectively delegate? Discuss difficult subjects with staff or colleagues?

Today’s physicians are under constant scrutiny – by administrators, supervisors, and patients.  Being criticized for less than optimal patient interactions is hurtful enough, but now our compensation is tied to whether patients approve of our wait times, magazine selections, compliance with their wishes and perceived listening and communication.

So take a moment and consider – how would you life be different if your conversations resulted in the outcomes you wanted? If your improved communication led to better clinical outcomes for your patients, reduced risk of malpractice, higher patient satisfaction scores, and greater personal satisfaction?
This new life can be yours, simply by improving your communication skills.

It’s my passion to bring good communication to physicians, so you can be even more effective and feel truly satisfied – in your work and your life. I’ve been a successful practicing physician for 35 years and have been fortunate enough to learn the skills that you need.  Physician coaching can help you gain these skills and improve the influence you have in your life.

In working with me, you will
• Learn to communicate effectively with colleagues
• Improve interactions with your staff
• Develop strategies to quickly establish rapport and trust with your patients
• Acquire skills to improve clinical outcomes and reduce malpractice claims
• Improve your patient satisfaction scores
• Have a more vibrant work/life/family balance based on your true priorities

And you will learn to do all of this by discovering and refining your unique communication style.

In addition to clinical practice, I have served in numerous medical and philanthropic leadership roles, trained with the Coaches Training Institute, am a Certified Physician Development Coach, and completed training in Crucial Conversations and Neuro-linguistic programming.  Recently, I earned the Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation.

Communication issues are cited as a major factor in over 70% of all malpractice cases. If you would like to discover whether your communication skills are protecting you from or putting you at greater risk for malpractice claims, download my complimentary  COMMUNICATION RISK ASSESSMENT

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Individual coaching over the phone, on-site visits to your practice, and speaking engagements to your group are available. Let me help you become more a more effective, efficient and highly-rated doctor.